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Kids' Lit Quiz

28th March 2018

On Tuesday 13 March, more than 100 students from 29 Mid/South Canterbury primary and intermediate schools participated in the Kits’ Lit Quiz here at Waihi.

The competition involved 100 questions in all areas of literature, from the Hungry Caterpillar to the Hunger Games.


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Term 1 Sports Fixtures

28th March 2018

John McGlashan Sports Fixture
14-15 February 2018

Waihi arrived at John McGlashan on Wednesday 14 February with three teams to take on the competition – touch rugby, cricket and tennis.

After a filling afternoon tea the boys took the field to play touch rugby. Waihi played...

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Waihi Swimming Sports

28th March 2018

Friday 23 February 2018

Another lovely fine day presented itself for the annual swimming sports event, which was fabulous for the family picnics on the quad, followed by a fun filled afternoon of competitive swimming that was thoroughly enjoyed by both families and boys.  The...

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Junior Camp 2018   27th March 2018

Year 7 Camp 2018   27th March 2018

Year 8 Camp 2018   27th March 2018

Start of Term 1   16th February 2018

Colgate Games   15th February 2018

St Andrew's College Sports Fixture   10th November 2017

Chess   10th November 2017

Christchurch Music Festival   10th November 2017

Science Roadshow   10th November 2017

Top Team   10th November 2017

Waihi Annual Dinner and Auction   10th November 2017

Headmaster for a Day   9th November 2017

Science Fair   22nd September 2017

Timaru District Speech Competition   22nd September 2017

Chess Competitions   22nd September 2017

Chess Power Regional Tournament   16th August 2017

Aoraki Maths Quiz   16th August 2017

Congratulations to our Junior Hockey Teams   16th August 2017

Some pictures of our Year 6 in Art Class   15th August 2017

EPro8 Science, Engineering and Technology Competition   22nd July 2017

Young Leaders Award   21st July 2017

Central South Island Extra! Spelling Quiz 2017   21st July 2017

Waihi Cross Country   16th June 2017

Timaru/Oamaru Chess Power Regional Tournament   16th June 2017

Waihi Sevens Tournament   16th June 2017

EPro8 Science Challenge   16th June 2017

SCPSSA Cross Country   16th June 2017

Junior Master Chef   23rd May 2017

Choir Performance   23rd May 2017


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