23rd May 2017

On Sunday 2nd April two teams from Waihi entered the Rogaine in Woodbury. 

  • Waihi Wanderers
    Sam Wilson, George Hancox and Josh Mills
  • Team Waihi
    Will Goldsbury, Will Hancox, Mitchell Bowmar, Oscar Chaffey and Sonny Gibbard

Both teams entered the three hour event which entailed the boys navigating their way round a course with a compass and map, running as fast as possible trying to get as many points as possible in the three hour limit. The Wanderers had entered this event before but this was all new to Team Waihi.

The boys all showed great skill with navigating a very difficult course and all arrived back within the three hour time limit, and both teams had accumulated a lot of points. Unfortunately both teams missed out on a top three finish, but have definitely been bitten by the ‘orienteering bug’ and are looking forward to more competitions.

Although the boys really enjoyed the day, running, getting muddy and learning new skills, from the look on their faces you’d almost believe that the highlight was the ice cream they had after the event!

    Team Wanderers

  Team Waihi

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