Junior Master Chef

23rd May 2017

On Tuesday the 11th of April our class had a Junior Master Chef.  Mr Bransden is a chef and he came and did some fun activities with us.

We were in three teams of three -  red, yellow and green. First we did a blind taste test.  Most of us guessed correctly. Max was unlucky and got the sour lemon, but he guessed it right.

Next we had the mystery bag. Inside the mystery bag were skewers, fruit and marshmellows. We all worked cooperatively in our teams to create and present a dish and then Mr Dickson, Mrs Bransden and Mr Bransden judged us. Mr Dickson was the hardest judge.

Finally we watched Mr Bransden demonstrate how to make icing and use the cake decorating tube to decorate a cupcake. We had to remember the steps  when we went back to our tables to create our own icing. All the boys were very creative.

Mr Dickson even decorated his own cupcake and we all had a turn at the end judging his creation. We had lots of fun. Thank you Mr Bransden and Mr Dickson.

Written by the 3-5 MB boys
(with a wee bit of help from Mrs Bransden!)






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