Headmaster for a Day

9th November 2017

On Friday the 20th of October I was headmaster for the day.

I got to pick the menu so for breakfast we had hash browns, bacon and eggs.

After that we had a full school photo, where Mr Short and I swapped places. I sat in the middle of the photo in the front row as headmaster and Mr Short stood up at the top with the Year Eights, which was pretty cool.

Once that was done we had an assembly where I handed out some chess, maths and headmaster awards, and told the boys what we were doing for the rest of the day and how it was going to be changing.

For morning tea we had mince savouries and sausage rolls, my favourite!

After morning tea Mr Sharp and I had a meeting about the school and what he was planning for the future and then Board Chairman, Mr Rolleston, came and talked to me about how the school was going.

At lunch I sat at the teachers table and we had American hot dogs and raro. The food tasted the same at the teachers table as it did at my normal table.

Mr Brighouse had me teaching the boys rope skills in outdoor education. They didn’t listen to me any better than any other teacher.

A short time later at afternoon tea we had a lolly scramble, where the boys got at many lollies as they could and took them their house captain and he handed them out so that everyone got some.

My day as headmaster was coming to an end and for the last hour we decided to play castles, Everiss house won and that makes me the king of the castle!

Being headmaster was fun but yet challenging ... I think I will remain a Waihi boy.

By Elliot Wilson 8NM


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