Top Team

10th November 2017

Finally, 27 October 2017 had arrived. It was a Friday 1:30pm at Waihi School and Top Team was going to start. We had no idea what it was but when they were setting up a buzz of excitement went through our body.

I bet you are wondering how Top Team works. You get awarded points for how well you do in each activity. The aim is to get the most points, and whoever gets the most gets a prize at the end. The Waihi staff were judging the teams and giving them points on how well they did.

There were three teams in each house, all evenly divided. The oldest in each house was the team leader. There were about six or seven boys in each team. Two activities we did were water races and sack racing. The water race was our favourite, you had to put a bucket of water on a stick and go over obstacles.

Overall, Top Team is a great thing for some schools to experience and should carry on making kids and adults have loads and loads of fun.

By Sebastian Ferro and Jack Cotter 7HS


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