Waihi Annual Dinner and Auction

10th November 2017

Our Dinner and Auction evening was yet another success this year, with the theme of Hollywood Glam meaning some guests came along in all their finery. 

The evening opened with a welcome speech from Board Chairman, John Rolleston, followed by some fabulous entertainment by our very own music duo, Al and Sheryl Bradley (aka Double Talk). 

With Rod Sands once again at the helm leading the auction, he soon managed to start emptying the pockets of the gathered guests.  We are extremely grateful to Rod for his expertise over the last few years, he has certainly made these evenings entertaining!

After the first part of the auction was over, the guests were treated to delicious Waihi meal (thank you ladies, and another chance to enjoy Double Talk (with a selected few getting their groove on to Wagon Wheel!).

The second part of the auction saw some fierce bidding of items, with a couple of phone bids coming in from those who couldn’t be with us for the night, and many pockets a lot lighter.

The generosity of families, friends and the wider community of the school has been overwhelming, both in the lead up to the event and on the night. 

The individual ‘thanks’ would be too long to list here, so perhaps we can cover it all by saying thank you to the organisational team; to those who contributed gifts, promises or donations in any form; to those who bought tickets; to those who decorated, cooked, served or any other way contributed to the running of the evening; and to those who tidied up!

         Louise Scott, Sarah MacLeod, Sarah Sands                       Paul and Samara Johnson

                              Al and Sheryl Bradley                                          Nathan and Karen Morland
              Debra Clark and Penny Clark                                David and Sue Williams
                (channeling Dame Edna!) 

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