9th April 2018

8PH have been studying New Zealand volcanoes in geography. They have learned how New Zealand volcanoes were formed through the tectonic plates they sit on, and about converging and diverging plate patterns and how subduction works. They then learned the effects the earth’s magma has when volcanoes erupt.

Through this they have discovered there are different types of lava, rhyolite and basalt, and finally they are modelling a New Zealand volcano that they have researched and will erupt them when they are complete with the appropriate type of lava.

Will Hancox and Sebastian Ferro

Archie Tayler and Tom Taylor

Ashton Wright and Ben Sutherland

Isaac Rayward and Jack Cotter

Fynn Wyatt and Oliver Agnew

Jack Neal and Jack Roy 

Will Urquhart and Thomas Kyle

Hugh Saunders


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