Visual Arts

25th May 2018

Visual Arts rotation this term has had Year 8 boys experimenting with print making.  Each boy had to come up with an image of interest to them and create a wood block print.  The outline of the image was sketched onto a 3mm A4 mdf wood block and then carved with wood carving tools.  Fortunately for me no injuries were sustained during the carving process!  

After much encouragement and lots of 'nice' music, the boys created a range of block covering their individual interests.  Simple crayon rubbings we taken in the first instant, followed by numerous ink prints.  

The boys enjoyed using the hand rollers to make the ink pliable.  They experimented with colour, worked out which techniques worked the best, and as you can see, produced some marvellous work.

 Ryan Caldwell                                                          Will Hancox

 Sebastian Ferro                                                        Freddy Backhouse

 Oliver Evans                                                                  Oscar Chaffey

 Jack Cotter                                                            James Groundwater

 Beau Armstrong                 Malachy Cleland

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