John McGlashan Sports Fixture

25th May 2018

Wednesday 16 May 2018


On Wednesday 16th May, Waihi played John McGlashan in a football fixture where McGlashan were heavy favourites. Against a team full of Otago reps, everyone put in a great performance and we were unlucky to be 4-1 down at half-time. Olly Evans scored a penalty from the work of Mitchell Johnson, who had a few near misses throughout the game.

We came back strongly in the second half and played even better football. We scored three well-constructed goals and probably deserved more, only to be undone by some unfortunate opposition goals, including a very unlucky own goal which ricocheted in off the unfortunate Oscar Chaffey.

The final score was 7-4, but the boys can be proud of their performance against a bigger team who were also a very good side. Goals came from Olly Evans, Damon and Mitchell Johnson, and Jack Neal. The feedback from parents and coaches was great and we have a feeling that the football is getting stronger and a fixture victory isn't too far away.

Written by Lachie Short 8NM


It was an overcast day and a bit wintery. The fog came in the morning and went in the afternoon. We were lucky because we were playing in the afternoon. The hockey was played in Timaru at the Trust Aoraki hockey turf.

Before our hockey game, Archie Tayler got an injury to his leg playing rugby. What he got was a corked thigh. He was unlucky because he couldn’t play in the hockey game. He sat on the sideline watching us and was warming up George MacLeod.

When the whistle blew, Mitchell Suddaby took it up himself and passed to me and I had a one-on-one with the goal keeper and I missed it. I was so disappointed. Ryan got a goal off a penalty corner. It was a beautiful hit. I got the second one, timing it and smashing it in. The ball came in from the side of the circle and I just hit it and hoped that it would go in and it did. The third goal was Mitchell’s, he just waited at the top of the circle to trap it and whack it.

There were lots of goal opportunities but we missed about 7/10 and only got 3 in. We had about 4 penalty corners and got one in.  John McGlashan were a strong hockey side but we got the better of them. They scored 2 goals. Their first one was off a PC, a boy named Nick scored it. Their second one was a field goal. It was a flick in the net and George just couldn't get there.

I think that our hockey game against John McGlashan was a good game because we worked as a team and did what we needed to. We did our back and arounds a couple of times pretty well and we did the baseline once but missed the goal. Overall it was a really good game by both sides and the umpires did a good job of keeping it safe and fair.

Written by Jacob Suddaby 7HS




The boys were looking very pumped against McGlashan in the morning.  This was the second fixture for winter after winning against Medbury.  They kicked off and away we were, they were dominating with two early tries in the first 10 minutes to make the score 0-12 to them but we bounced back by scoring 3 tries and one conversion to make it 17-12. It stayed like that till later in the first half when they scored two more tries and got one conversion over to make the score 17-25 to them.

It was a positive talking at half time but we just needed to give an extra 10% and get back to the basics.

We kicked off to them and put them under pressure straight away, the back line was up quickly causing mistakes as well as the forwards were getting over the rucks and this half they were in trouble.

Opportunities were made and tries were scored by depth, running hard and going over the rucks giving Will the half-back good ball.  And in the middle of the second half the score was 34-25 but it didn’t stop there, we kept on going and working to make the final score 53-25, by great teamwork and hard running by the backs.  We were all proud of the performance.

Written by George MacLeod 8NM (and helped by Luke Slee)



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