Waihi Cross Country

29th June 2018

The Waihi Cross Country was held on the afternoon of Friday 2nd June.

The boys ran a similar course to last year but this year we had no running down Harrison Road, instead we used a large portion of the orchard to the north of Waihi. The course was 2.8km for the juniors and 3.35km for the senior boys, and included woodland running,  three river crossings, running through a number of fields both firm footing and boggy, and the usual two hay bale jumps.

The boys described it as a ‘real cross country course’.

Friday was sunny but cold and the rivers were even colder after the recent rains, all the boys took part and all enjoyed the course … and the barbeque sausages afterwards.

All the spectators who attended saw some fantastic finishes to the races with all the boys having the energy to sprint to the finish.  These were fiercely contested between the houses, with Everiss coming out narrow but deserved winners.

A big thanks must again go to ‘The Friends of Waihi’ who ran the annual Farmers Market, organised the barbeque, feed the boys and spectators and put in a lot of work behind the scenes.

Results for the day were:

JUNIOR                 1st Place (Barford Cup) - Will Donaldson   
                            2nd Place - Riley Lennox
                            3rd Place - Logan Connolly

INTERMEDIATE     1st Place (D W Morrow Cup) - Will Saunders
                            2nd Place - Will Studholme
                            3rd Place - Edward Bodie-Healy

SENIOR                 1st Place (Barford Cup) - Will Hancox
                            2nd Place - Malachy Cleland 
                            3rd Place - Jack Cotter

HOUSE SHIELD      1st Place - Everiss House
                            2nd Place - Prosser House
                            3rd Place - Stone-Wigg House
                            4th Place - Orford House

Riley Lennox, Will Donaldson, Logan Connolly

Will Studholme, Will Saunders, Edward Bodie-Healy

Jack Cotter, Will Hancox, Malachy Cleland



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