Headmaster for a Day

9th November 2018

Back in 2017 I was on the phone to my mum when she said she had won the Headmaster for the Day at the school auction. My initial feeling was to feel nervous but then I felt excited. She then told me how it happened, the Annual Giving auction is a good way to fundraise money to upgrade the school’s tech or the library or even a new bus.

Mum said she wasn’t at the auction but she was on the phone to Mrs Short who was bidding for her. Rolling on to 2018 we decided to do it a day before the next Annual Giving.

So on Friday the 2nd of November I was Headmaster for a Day.  I got to pick what we got to eat so we had pink iced buns for morning tea, fish and chips for lunch and savouries for afternoon tea.

I got to take the Assembly in the morning and gave out awards to other boys.

I also met with Mr Rolleston the Waihi Board Chairman to talk about the running of the school.

I met with Mr Sharp our groundsman to check if everything is up to date. Then my assistant Mr Darcy Laidlaw was in my office eating pineapple lumps and drinking L&P.

After lunch I went to supervise the outdoor education class.

We also had a lolly scramble and house sports for the last session of the day and the boarders that were in that night got to have lasagne.

Harry Hanson  7RL




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