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My name is Owen Short and I am a Tutor at Waihi

I have been in this role since the beginning of 2021, and it involves helping out - in the first instance - the boarders of Pyne House, but our role as tutors extends across all of the school.  It is a full on role, one that I have found to be very challenging and fulfilling.  I love getting to know the children on a deeper level and feel that we become very much like an older sibling to many.  My favourite school activity is definately the sport!  I am really lucky to be a member of a close knit family with my Grandparents and parents both close by and I am the eldest of four children.  When I do manage to "escape" from school, you will often find me either playing or watching sport.

Best Advice you were ever given?

Give it 100% - good advice for life!


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