The Maltese Cross

The school crest is a white Maltese cross on a dark blue background. (This is also the crest of Joseph Orford’s Shrewsbury School Rowing Club)

The eight points of the cross represent the eight beatitudes, which originated from the Sermon on the Mount. This symbolism has been built on through history in many ways. The Knights Hospitaller adopted eight obligations or aspirations: to live in truth, to have faith, to repent of one’s sins, to give proof of humility, to love justice, to be merciful, to be sincere and wholehearted, and to endure persecution. More recently, the St John Ambulance adapted the beatitudes to their own uses: to be observant, tactful, resourceful, dexterous, explicit, discriminating, persevering and sympathetic

All of these values hold true today for Waihi School; they help our students become good young adults who are compassionate, confident, courageous citizens prepared to contribute to their communities.