Mr Oliver Clayson

Oliver Clayson full

Position: Assistant Headmaster - Pastoral and Staff, and Housemaster
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As Assistant Headmaster - Pastoral, I have overall responsibility for the welfare of all the children at Waihi. I have previously been a pastoral leader in day schools and boarding schools and am trained as a classroom practitioner for the ages of 11-18 in Physical Education and Geography. Being the Housemaster here at Waihi too, allows me to have complete oversight of the needs of the students. The range of support and care available at Waihi means they can be treated as individuals and can always find someone to discuss their curiosities, offer advice, or simply lay their concerns to rest. My aim is to ensure every child finds happiness, is well-mannered, and aims to be the best possible versions of themselves. Whether your child is a day pupil, or a boarder, they are the most important part of the Waihi community and will be afforded the same level of pastoral care. Please do contact me at any time; I will be only too pleased to listen and offer support and advice.