Parent testimonials

"Waihi is more than a school for us. For the 4 years Matai was there we had the privilege of being part of the Waihi family and forming many special bonds. We believe that the wide range of choices, the camaraderie, strong values and role models in and outside of the classroom helped develop our young wided-eyed son into becoming Head Boy and leading the first Waihi Haka. Extending the Waihi family to include our daughters means they too can share the same unique experience as their brother and enrich the Waihi way."

Bianca and Aaron Sheed



"We are proud of how well our sons have adapted to the new challenge of boarding at Waihi. Will and Sam have thrived on the emphasis to give everything 100% and believe in yourself. The passion of all the staff across the board ensures they are achieving at their full potential in every aspect of school and boarding life. This supportively environment has been huge in developing their confidence to be the best they can be in life."

Carey and Tracey Hancox



"Edward chose to be a boarder at Waihi and he absolutely loves it! Every day presents a new opportunity to either try something different or improve on an existing  set of skills and abilities. It is a school that embraces the word ‘fail’ with its boys as a ‘first attempt in learning’, which has in turn inspired Edward to play new sports and take up music. There is always a helping hand when he needs one and there are claps and cheers when there is success. This team environment is exactly what Edward needs to develop key life skills for the future … for us, there is no better place than Waihi."

Mike Bodie and Bridget Bodie-Healy



"The variety of opportunities at Waihi offered Oliver the chance to explore areas of learning that he otherwise may have missed. From science in a lab, the woodwork room and music tech - to the covered swimming pool and vast sporting facilities - plus a river right on the doorstep to experience outstanding outdoor education. Everything is at their fingertips - along with enthusiatic, supportive teachers and small class groups. Waihi has given him so much - the future is exciting."

Bryce Biggs and Keryn McLellan