We believe in boys

For the past 112 years Waihi has been providing a first class prep school education for New Zealand boys. Whilst we are proud of both our history and traditions, the school is constantly looking to the future of our boys.

As specialists in boys’ education, we spend a lot of time thinking about the unique ways in which boys learn and grow. This mission shapes everything we do, and at the core of our strategic planning is the Waihi Boy.

Parents considering the value of single-sex education, will ask these questions:

Why a boys’ school?
Will my son miss out on social contact with girls?
What are boys’ unique learning needs?

We know that brain research strongly confirms the developmental difference between boys and girls. This means that single-sex education programmes allow boys to thrive and learn at their own developmental pace in accordance with their unique learning and emotional needs. Boys learn better in an environment that:

  • allows them to move while learning (more kinaesthetic learning and less time on chairs)
  • gives them tasks to apply knowledge, i.e. learning by doing hands-on activities
  • recognises that boys often ‘act first and think later’ so teaches them to take risks responsibly
  • encourages humour; boys make each other laugh, it is a great coping strategy
  • accepts that boys are more comfortable writing about action, not feelings
  • gives them a safe space in which to embrace performance and other creative pursuits, not just science and maths – boys are extremely creative
  • understands that boys track moving objects faster than girls but don’t hear as well, therefore they need instructions to be short and clear
  • recognises boys have boundless physical energy, they are often competitive, physical in nature and inclined toward competitive sport
  • recognises that boys are essentially disorganised, so helps them manage themselves
  • provides great male role models and gives boys an opportunity to be leaders and teaches them how to lead

The list goes on and on, and it is our job to keep pace with the research we enthusiastically apply in the classroom and beyond. We believe in boys and we have the expertise, resources, staff and facilities to develop the potential and awaken the ambition in each and every boy, whatever his unique strengths and learning needs are.

If you’d like to know more, if you think your son would thrive in this environment, then please contact us for an informal chat or to arrange a visit.