Your child’s Waihi experience

So, is Waihi the place for your son or daughter? When I ask current and past parents, “Why Waihi?” for their children, the list of responses is diverse – small class sizes; broad and holistic curriculum; great technology; first class teachers; sport/music for all; wonderful environment; excellent facilities; high academic standards; boarding opportunity; values; manners; aspirations ...

However, the key point of difference, the thing that is mentioned the most by parents, and is at the centre of everything we do – is that Waihi is a school designed for our children and their individual needs! So, what does it look like ...

Inside the classroom

Specialist science lessons; differentiated learning; small streamed maths groups; focus on literacy (Waihians love reading); an inquiry-learning approach; hands on practical subjects such as robotics, music, visual art, craft, wood technology; a one-to-one iPad programme.

Outside the classroom

Focus on physical activities, dedicated Outdoor Education programme, PE, swimming, cross-country and athletics; everybody plays team sport for the school; all students sing and can learn an instrument; road cycling and mountain-biking; skiing; week long camps for all; trips to the Waihi River and beyond; school triathlon; New Zealand speech and drama awards; annual school production.

House Competitions

All students are in one of four ‘houses’. They compete throughout the year in sporting and non-sporting competitions, including all major team sports, debating, chess, general knowledge, speeches.


All students are encouraged to undertake some service and leadership activity, particularly in the final two years. This may include sports coaching and mentoring; librarianship; ‘big brother or sister’ work with younger students; or even being on the famous Waihi mowing squad. Students volunteer in the local community in a variety of ways and we have a focus on our responsibilities as members of the wider South Canterbury and global community to play our part in creating a better environment for all.

We invite you to come and see for yourself why Waihi really is a school designed for your sons and daughters.