Why boarding

Parents often agonise over the decision to board or not.  For them thinking about “sending my son away” seems a negative consequence. Talking to their boys I get the opposite point of view, they can’t wait to get to Waihi!  So I encourage parents to think of it as “letting him go”, for all of the positive experiences he will encounter.

Today’s boarding is comfortable, caring and above all fun.  Parents are a lot more involved, technology allows constant communication and insights into your son’s daily experiences, and the pastoral care is second to none.  If you are new to boarding, please take time to consider how this environment will benefit your son.  Boys love it!

The heartbeat of Waihi is our boarding family in Pyne House and the families onsite that make up our fabulous community.  Boarding lies at the centre of all we do.

Our boarders make friendships that last a lifetime.

They also develop independence and social skills that set them up ideally for the adventure of secondary school and beyond.

All boys are under the personal care of the Housemaster who lives onsite.  There is also a residential team of staff including the Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster and two other teachers, all of whom live and work alongside the boys in the evening and have their own young families too.  Head Matron, Assistant Matrons and Gap Tutors also care for the boys.  Thus there is always someone to whom a boy can turn, someone who will listen, advise and support, and the levels of pastoral care that all boys receive is outstanding.

The team are enthusiastic about running many activities for boys in the evenings and at weekends, either within our extensive grounds, down at the Waihi River or further afield, taking advantage of the beautiful South Canterbury environment.  We believe this not only provides the ideal environment for boys to study to their full potential, but also enables them to take better advantage of extra-curricular activities and develop stronger friendships with those around them.  They learn the necessary skills of living in a community such as participation and tolerance.

Boarding at Waihi helps provide boys with that additional enrichment as well as preparing them to do their best academically.  We believe strongly in the value of boarding as a means of developing a boy in every respect – to be happy, confident, courteous, independent and ambitious.

Don’t just take our word for it, please take the time to visit and find out just what a Waihi boarding education can offer your son.  We believe in boys, we are designed for boys, and we hope that your son has the opportunity to discover a truly unique New Zealand boarding experience.