Boarding Information

We believe boarding creates successful, happy, confident, courteous, independent, and ambitious young people. Nurturing your child’s ability to live and work alongside others; along with providing them with the preparation to do their very best academically, boarding creates a confident, resilient, happy and successful young person, one who is empathetic to others and is exposed to experiences that will create friendships and habits for life.

Our staff are what makes the experience so enriching and successful with a real family atmosphere - your child always has someone to guide, advise and support them on their boarding journey at Waihi.


Boarding Behaviour

We encourage our students to adhere to our Waihi School Values at all times, they are:

Consideration and Cooperation: We try to be a good friend to others, to support our peers, to be inclusive and to be a good listener.
Kindness: It is important to be caring, to be compassionate ,and kind to all.
Love of learning: We have a positive attitude to our learning. We are focused, we take on challenges, and we are inquisitive and creative.
Responsibility: It is important to be responsible and reliable so that people can depend on you.
Honesty: We want everyone to be honest and trustworthy and to always tell the truth no matter what.
Respect: We need to have respect for other people, for property and for our environment. We want our world to be safe and tidy, clean and green.
Manners: Everyone at Waihi School should be courteous and polite. Good manners show that you care about other people.
Tu Igitur Perfer Adversa: This is our school motto (Thou shalt therefore endure hardship). It means that in striving for success, that we are persistent, we have determination, and we value the struggle that comes with difficulties – it makes us stronger!

Boarding Handbook

The object of this manual is to provide parents of boarders,and the boarders themselves with an idea of what goes on in Pyne House, how the relevant parts of each day unfold, and the expectations we have.  

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Happy Kids


At Waihi, we take great pride in wearing our uniform. Students will need both Summer and Winter uniforms, along with our Formal Uniform (Number 1s), Boarding and Sporting uniforms.  Please note:  many of our uniform pieces are bespoke so ordering well ahead of time will be beneficial. 

Please feel free to contact the school should you have any queries. Orders can be made by completing our online form by clicking here. Uniforms will be invoiced to your school account and can be delivered to Pyne House for your child.

Parents are welcome to make an appointment to try on the uniform through the School by clicking here. 

Please ensure that all uniform pieces are labeled with Mark It Woven Labels

Key contacts

Pyne House comes under the direction of the Housemaster who has responsibility for all that goes on in the house. There are also GAP tutors and Duty Staff who help out each evening. A key part of a boarder’s experience is the care provided by the Matrons.

Oliver Clayson 

Duty Staff:
Allan Short, Nathan Morland, Tegan Westland, Anita Hills, Trish Cameron, Jess Sharp, Bek Worner, Natasha Woudberg, Emily Haynes, Helen Cunningham and Pheobe Geary.

Stacey Jackson  
Lisa Clayson   
Lynne Davison 

2024 Gap Tutors

Jamie Welbank, Murray Goodwin and Josie Denvir.

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