Our Values

We are lucky to have the beautiful Anglican church of St John the Evangelist on our grounds.

It is here that our whole school chapel service is held each Monday morning to set the tone for the coming week, placing emphasis on the traditional values of good manners, courtesy, considerate behaviour, graciousness and respect for our students. We encourage participation in chapel duties such as serving as sacristans or singing in the choir as part of your child’s education.

Waihi is an Anglican school, and we believe in a world where traditional values are being constantly challenged, an education rooted in a Christian-based values system is more relevant to our children than it has ever been.

Our values are at the centre of all we do. We have developed our list of eight values as a focus for both students and staff as a guideline for use both within and outside of the classroom every single day. These reflect what our students aspire to be and the expectation of those around them also. Our values measure the behaviour of everyone within the school and are on display in each of our classrooms as visual reminders of this expectation for the whole Waihi family.

Consideration and Cooperation – We try to be a good friend to others, to support our peers, to be inclusive and to be a good listener.

Kindness – It is important to be caring, to be compassionate and kind to all.

Love of learning – We have a positive attitude to our learning. We are focused, we take on challenges and we are inquisitive and creative.

Tu Igitur Perfer Adversa (Thou shall therefore endure hardship) – This is our school motto. It means that in striving for success, that we are persistent, we have determination, and we value the struggle that comes with difficulties - it makes us stronger!

Responsibility – It is important to be responsible and reliable so that people can depend on you.

Honesty – We want everyone to be honest and trustworthy and to always tell the truth no matter what.

Respect – We need to have respect for other people, for property and for our environment. We want our world to be safe, tidy, clean and green.

Manners – Everyone at WAIHI should be courteous and polite. Good manners show that you care about other people.



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