Our Tradition

The founder and first headmaster, Joseph R Orford, opened the school doors for the first time on 5 September 1907 to just three boys.

He was a quite exceptional character, a top academic and sportsman, with a real sense of compassion and generosity of spirit along with being a very humble man.

Whilst we ensure that the children understand our past, we are keenly focused on looking forward and the most exciting thing is the challenge for each student to help write the next chapter of our history book, the future is in their hands.

The thriving Waihi Association welcomes old boys and girls and their families.  Its mission is to both ensure that enduring friendships and connections continue to last a lifetime, whilst also, through scholarships, provide support and assistance to enable future students to enjoy a Waihi experience.

The School Crest

The school crest is a white Maltese cross on a dark blue background. (This is also the crest of Joseph Orford’s Shrewsbury School Rowing Club.)

The eight points of the cross represent the eight beatitudes - : to live in truth, to have faith, to repent of one’s sins, to give proof of humility, to love justice, to be merciful, to be sincere and wholehearted, and to endure persecution which originated from the bible and Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

These values hold true today for Waihi School; they help our students become good young men and women who are compassionate, confident, courageous citizens prepared to contribute to their communities.




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