School Calendar

Life at Waihi is busy for students and to help parents plan their movements, our school calendar reflects important upcoming events and dates to put in your diary to manage your child’s activities.  This is updated regularly, so please keep checking back to ensure you don’t miss out!

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Key Dates

We will ensure all key dates are communicated to our families through newsletters, SeeSaw and right here to ensure that you don’t miss out on any valuable networking or chances to view your child pursuing goals across the school from sport to chess!

All of the important key dates are regularly updated in our school calendar along with being communicated through our varying school communications. Should you wish to know of any events coming up for either Waihi parents or students, then please check back regularly.

Term 1: 29th January – 12th April (11 Weeks)
Term 2: 
29th April - 5th July (9 Weeks 5/4 + Half Term)
  Half Term Week: Saturday 1st June – Sunday 9th June
Term 3: 
22nd July – 27th September (9 Weeks 5/4 + Half Term)
  Half Term Week: Saturday 24th August – Sunday 1st September
Term 4: 14th October – 7th December (8 Weeks)

Upcoming Events


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